The Knights of Babylon 

“Carnival begins when Babylon rolls.” That’s the spirit behind the first parade to roll in Uptown New Orleans on the Thursday before Mardi Gras.  Founded in 1939, the Knights of Babylon kicks off one of the busiest stretches of parades during the Carnival season. The theme of the parade and the king’s identity is kept secret until the parade rolls.

Krewe of Muses

“Happy are they whom the Muses love.” That’s the spirit behind the first all-female krewe in New Orleans. With more than a thousand members, the Krewe of Muses puts on one of the best parades of the Carnival season. High heeled shoes play a big role in the parade with a celebrity or notable person riding in a giant shoe. In addition to high heeled shoe necklaces a lucky few will take home a special hand decorated high heeled shoe of their own. In 2019, New Orleans’ own, Patricia Clarkson (HBO’s Sharp Objects, Netflix’s House of Cards, and Maze Runner) served as the honorary Muse.

Knights of Chaos

Due to the weather, the Knights of Chaos did not roll in 2019.